Dear Collectors,

Over the past months, we have been quietly working on a few changes to our TopSpeed model collection.  We have received a large amount of feedback since launching this brand regarding our use of bases for each model. Many collectors remove the model from the base when putting it on display, and shops have asked us to make the packaging smaller to help reduce shipping costs and the space needed to sell & store our models in their stores.  

You may have noticed that some of our recent releases are in smaller boxes and no longer feature a base. This change has been welcomed by our distribution partners, as it helps to reduce their extra shipping costs due to COVID-19, but some collectors have expressed confusion as we did not officially announce this change.  We apologize for not communicating this clearly as we started this process.

Some models presently in production were designed around having the base to help protect the model, so those models will not be changed. We will finish this transition over the next few months, and all future models will be in the new packaging without bases.

We have been using our time during this COVID-19 period to streamline our communication with our customers. If you have any feedback regarding this change, or have questions about any of the other brands in the TSM-Model family, we strongly encourage you to email us directly at  We always enjoy hearing from collectors, and we appreciate your patience as we work to make these improvements.  

TopSpeed Team