Dear Collectors,

We are excited to announce that today marks the start of a new adventure with the launch of MINI GT, a new product line joining the TSM-Model family.

As we begin our journey into 1:64 scale modeling, our goal is to deliver the same balance of quality and price that can be found in each of our models.  We also aim to provide a more hands-on experience for all collectors as we model a wide range of cars in this smaller scale, creating a marvel of engineering that will fit into the palm of your hand.  

We are actively working with more than 10 major auto manufactures and have already planned more than 30 models for this new line, so we aim to hit the ground running with new releases announced every 3-4 weeks. 

We welcome you to the wonderful world of 1:64 scale and hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming next!

Best regards,

TopSpeed-Model Team